The Monkey Tree, circa 1921

Primate Diorama History

Our Curator of Natural History, Rachel, has been researching the Powell-Cotton Museum’s Primate Diorama. Here she gives a short account of its history:

Percy Powell-Cotton (R), and Sittara (L), one of several hunters and fixers who assisted Percy (29 July 1890).

Objects and Props: The Story of Two Tibetan Masks

Dr. Inbal Livne, Head of Collections and Engagement, has been researching two items with a hidden history in the Museum’s Tibetan collection.

Taxidermied animal specimens waiting to be fitted into the Kashmir diorama.

The Kashmir Diorama

Fenja Schultz is a student at the University of Kent, studying for a BSc in Biological Anthropology. She is currently undertaking a year of professional practice at the Powell-Cotton Museum, examining the history of the Museum’s oldest diorama. Here she tells us about what she’s uncovered so far: