We are open for all formal school and learning visits during the re-imagining programme. Whilst we have made some adjustments to ensure your learning experience is COVID-safe, the quality of our workshops will remain as high as you would expect from us. Our learning offer is adaptable for everyone and we will discuss any special requirements your students have during the booking process.  

School Visits

When the time is right to visit, have confidence that we have prepared to make sure learning visits are safe yet still offer children access to a tactile, engaging and fun experience

Loans Boxes and Virtual Lessons

Bring the Museum to your classroom with one of our loans boxes and allow us to host a virtual classroom session


We have put together a variety of resources to help plan visits for SEND students, ensuring their experience is tailored to their needs

Home Educators

If home-learning is your normal classroom, please join us on the 24th February for a home-educators day at the museum

Meet the learning team

We have two Learning and Engagement Officers working at the museum.

They are passionate about making visits valuable learning experiences for all. When you contact our learning team you will talk to:

Emma-Jayne Hamlington

Learning and Engagement Officer

The Powell-Cotton Museum

Fiona Moore

Learning and Engagement Officer

The Powell-Cotton Museum