What collections can I access?

The majority of the Museum’s collections are in storage, but most collections are accessible provided we are given enough time to prepare for your visit. Sometimes items are on loan, or inaccessible due to health and safety reasons (such as being on display). To make sure the items you are interested in are available, contact us and we can provide an object/specimen list.

Who can access the collections?

The collections are open to anyone aged 18 and over who has a valid research request. Research requests are assessed by the Collections Team, who will make a decision based on our Research Policy. We are happy to receive requests from independent researchers not affiliated with a University. Unfortunately, we cannot provide ‘behind the scenes’ tours.

There are some requests we cannot fulfil, such as:
* Access to the inside of the dioramas
* Moulding / mould making from specimens
* Examination or sampling of Human Remains

How do I arrange a visit?

To visit the collections please fill in a research request form giving us as much detail as possible about your proposed research. Not sure what items you need to see? Please email us.

What information will I need to provide?

* If you are a student, your university will need to provide a letter, on headed paper, confirming you are a student on one of their courses/affiliated with the university and that you have suitable experience to work unsupervised with our research collections.
* If you are not a student and not affiliated with a higher education institution, we may ask you for a little bit of information regarding your experience of working with museum collections. This is to make sure we can offer you any assistance you may need in accessing and studying our collections.

Do you charge to access the collections for research?

Yes. The Museum is an independent charity and bench fees are important in helping us continue to provide staff assistance and access to research collections. Bench fees can be found on the research request form.

When can I access the collections?

Access to the collections will generally be 9:00-16:30 Monday to Friday. By prior arrangement it may be possible to provide access at weekends or on Public Holidays but this will be in exceptional circumstances only

Accommodations near by

*Premier Inn, Margate: situated next to Margate Railway Station. The Museum can be accessed via the number 8 bus to Birchington Square nearby.

* Holiday Inn Express, Minster: The Museum is a short car journey away. Please note that Minster is not easily accessible via public transport.

* Premier Inn, Manston (Minster): The Museum is a short car journey away. Please note that Minster is not easily accessible via public transport.

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