We are open all year for school visits!

Self-led visits to the museum are available all year, priced at £2.50 per student. All visits must be pre-booked. Our learning and engagement team is happy to advise the best itinerary to suit your class. Our specially designed workshops are available with any school visit and are charged at £5 + VAT per student.

What Am I? KS1 & 2

Have you ever wondered what a Museum Curator does? Learn how to investigate and read objects by looking closely, asking questions, and making deductions using objects from the Museum’s collection which includes textiles, musical instruments, and world culture items.

Curriculum Links: History; PSHE.

Museum Safari, KS1 & 2

Explore the Museum’s animal dioramas. See different habitats that Percy experienced and spot some of the incredible animals that he encountered. This session focuses on adaptation, food chains, and habitats.

Curriculum links: Science

Percy’s Travels, KS1

This is an interactive storytelling session where your group uses objects, drawings, and clues to find out about the real-life travels of Percy Powell-Cotton. Become a detective and use the objects and clues to decide what you think happened when Percy met a lion. Then listen to Percy’s account to see if you were right.

Curriculum links: English; History.

Drawing from Nature, KS1 & KS2

Drawing from Nature brings Art and Science together by looking closely and drawing our collection of animal skulls and bird taxidermy. It’s a fascinating way to compare animals and look at their teeth. This session works well with Museum Safari.

Curriculum links: Art; Science

Suggested Itinerary

Class split into two groups of 15 students
Time Group 1 Group 2
10:00 Arrival
10:05-10:15 Snack & Toilet Break
10:05 – 10:50 Workshop Choice B 
10:15 – 11:00 Workshop Choice A 
10:55 – 11:10 Snack & Toilet Break
Change over Change over
11:15 – 12:00 Workshop Choice B Workshop Choice A
12:10 Lunch & Gardens access Lunch & Gardens access
13:30 – 14:00 All aboard the coach and goodbyes All aboard the coach and goodbyes

What kind of visit can we book?

We are delighted to confirm that we are open all year for school visits- both self-led and workshop-based. Visits must be pre-booked.

What time can we visit?

We will arrange timings and itineraries to suit your class. Generally, we are happy to accommodate you between 9.30 am & 3pm however we can be flexible to meet your needs.

Is there a minimum group number?

We have no minimum group size. Itineraries for workshops will be scheduled according to the number of sessions you need.

How many teachers can come on the visit?

School years 1-3, (age 5-7 years) one adult for every six pupils 1:6

School years 4-6, (age 7-11 years) one adult for every 10 to 15 pupils 1:10/15

If you would like to bring additional teachers and helpers, please discuss this with us during the booking process.

Can we have lunch at the museum or bring a picnic?

We are happy for schools to bring a picnic and enjoy the lawns to the back of the museum. We will provisionally book our function room as a back up plan for wet weather, however taking lunch outdoors will be the preferred plan.

Can we visit the gardens?

Yes, your school group can visit the lawns and woodland at the back of the museum. The walled garden will not be accessible. Please note that we now have beehives in the woodland, however they are set back and have been considered in the gardens risk assessment.

Have you got a COVID-19 risk assessment?

All our risk assessments for learning visits have been reviewed in light of the current circumstances. Please contact our learning team directly for more information. We are happy to discuss and amend risk assessments with teachers to ensure a safe and well-planned visit.

Can I make a familiarisation visit?

We are happy for you to pop in for a familiarisation visit. Please get in touch and we will arrange a time and date.

How do we book?

Please contact our learning team directly to enquire about availability. We will then ask you to complete a booking form and discuss any special requirements or needs your group has. We are always pleased to adapt the visit to ensure the most valuable learning experience for all your students.



How do we contact the learning team?

You can contact us by email at learning@powell-cottonmuseum.org.

You can telephone us at 01843 842168 and choose option 2 from the menu to talk directly with the learning team.

Beautiful frosty mornings
2022 Roundup! This was our year of trying new things; events, tours, experiences and ways of opening. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through volunteering, visiting and donating. 
2023 will be another year of change, growing on our successes and making some of the physical changes we’ve been preparing along with new events and experiences. There’s a lot to look forward to! 
We will be open tomorrow, January 1st, 11-3 and then we reopen regularly for the season on Saturday 11th February.
We’re glad to say that we were included in the ‘Digital Benin’ project, which seeks to present Benin’s rich cultural and historical heritage, preserving it for future generations of Benin / Ido people. This website has many special features, including male and female audio, Edo designation of objects and an interactive map featuring the historical landmarks of the Benin Kingdom. View at digitalbenin.org

Image: Brass box, shaped like a fish, finished. Purchased in Benin City on 30/01/1931.