Create your own bird feeder with #MuseumMake – a fun craft activity inspired by The Powell-Cotton Museum.

Bird feeders are great for bringing more local birds into your garden so you can see them up-close, they provide an invaluable food source, particularly during times of year, like winter, when resources might be scarce. Bird species present in UK gardens change throughout the year, but there will always be some birds around looking for a tasty snack. A bird feeder can be great fun for getting to know different species and watching how they behave.

What are some of the common birds to look out for?

Robins; finches (goldfinches, chaffinches); tits (blue tits, great tits); blackbirds; wrens; dunnocks; sparrows; thrushes (song thrushes, mistle thrushes), starlings

What should we feed them?

Different bird species like different foods. Here are some examples:

Sunflower Hearts: Goldfinches are known to love sunflower hearts. These tiny, energetic birds will visit your garden frequently if you offer this food.

Seed Mixes: House sparrows are more likely to be attracted to seed mixes, which are often a combination of seeds like millet, sunflower, and maize. These mixes cater to different tastes.

Bird Cake: High-calorie bird cakes are essential during the winter months. These cakes provide much-needed energy for birds to survive the cold weather when natural food sources are scarce.

Mealworms: Mealworms are appreciated by a variety of birds, especially during spring when parents are actively seeking insects to feed their hungry chicks.

What next?

  • Why not find out more about your favourite birds from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) website.
  • See if you can spot any of the common garden birds using our spotter sheet.